Being I guess what you'd call a "casual sports fan", I rarely get too excited for professional sports. This years NHL Winter Classic however was different. New Jersey's hockey fans are a mixed bag. South of "the line" it's Flyers fans and north of "the line" it's a mix of Devils fans and a lot of Rangers fans.

Well this year's Classic was a contest between the Rangers and the Flyers yesterday in Philadelphia. The build-up was huge with both teams being featured on HBO's 24/7 series for the last three weeks and every hockey fan in the area anticipating a spirited contest between two strong rivals.

I was engaged in the usual trash talking with my Ranger fan friends, which is unusual for me because I usually don't care enough to get that involved. This time was different and after my team lost, I was actually a little bummed. I never get it when rabid fans of any sport take it to heart when "their team" loses, but yesterday I felt it. It felt......stupid!

So now I can go back to my casual fandom and enjoy watching hockey games and enjoying them, without all the big build-up and anticipation of THE BIG GAME. My favorite football team is out of the playoffs, so I won't have to worry about the Superbowl. I can just look forward to a party with lots of food and drink and enjoying a few funny commercials.

So congratulations Rangers fans. I know how much you despise us Flyers fans. So enjoy the afterglow of a great win and the satisfaction of knowing, yes, we Flyers fans are bummed!