Reputed Philadelphia mob boss Joseph "Uncle Joe" Ligambi will seek bail after a jury deadlocked on a racketeering charge against him, and deadlocked or acquitted him of all eight lesser counts in a gambling and loansharking case.

Joseph Ligambi (NJ Attorney General's Office)

The federal jury on Tuesday convicted underboss Joseph "Moussie" Massimino and two others of racketeering, and convicted a mob associate of two loansharking counts.

But the jury acquitted or deadlocked on most counts against the seven defendants.

Defense lawyers see the verdict as a slam of the government's 13-year investigation into illegal gambling, video poker machines and loansharking in South Philadelphia.

The jury heard one defendant say on a secret FBI recording, "It's a broke, broke mob."

Lead defense lawyer Edwin Jacobs Jr. calls the prosecution "an enormous waste" of taxpayer money.

Federal prosecutors call the case important and say they will consider retrying the unresolved counts.


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