They charged the guy even though, technically, they can't prove he didn't deliver what he promised. It is an all too familiar tale of gullible marks and a smooth talking con man pretending he can help.

According to, the man's name is Joe Alvarez and he got that money by conning just two women, both of whom he met at a mall in Miami. He swindled the first woman by complimenting her "aura"; she had just started studying auras so she was hooked. He subsequently told her he could get rid of her bad luck and spiritual impurities with some sort of crystal for the low low price of $15,000. She ponied up.

The article mentions that the mark told Alvarez she had tens of thousands of dollars hidden under her bed which he is accused of stealing. Why she let somebody she barely knew in her house in the first place baffles me? I have no sympathy for her. The second sucker gave him $37,000 to "cleanse the spiritual impurities" from her. Again, if that woman was stupid enough to believe he could do that, where's the crime? The Daily Mail reports that he is facing two counts of grand theft and two counts of obtaining property by gaming.