I spent the evening on Tuesday riding along with Ewing police officer Mike Pelligrino. Mike's been a cop in Ewing for the past 23 years and he took me and my colleague Jessica Nutt along for the late shift through the streets of Ewing.

The night was anything but quiet as we had several stops in the first 30 minutes. The first was to provide backup to officers who stopped three 'suspicious' individuals in a residential neighborhood. Then it was off to help a man who was having a medical emergency.

Throughout the night, Ewing cops were on patrol at the local supermarket, road construction site and even making an appearance to a community group dedicated to fighting the drug epidemic. As we've said for the past year, police patrols are anything but routine.

Jessica and I were able to get a first-hand glimpse from the roll call to start the shift, to the crime scene investigation room (nothing like the Hollywood version) then out to the streets. The Ewing Police Department is professional, prepared and on the job keeping the community safe. #BlueFriday.

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