We were happy to have New Jersey PBA President Pat Colligan in studio today. He and I discussed the difficult situation facing police officers in New Jersey and across the nation as police deaths have spiked in the past year.

We specifically praised the leadership of Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian who clearly loves his city and stands up strong for his cops and firefighters. Unfortunately, well-connected lawyers who serve the interests of the the political elite like Gov. Chris Christie are trying to balance budgets on the backs of the men and women who wear the uniform to protect and serve our communities. It was easy to point out that the governor, while expecting more for less from local police is quick to line the pockets of his rich friends through bond sales and city takeovers. Wonder if the governor has already lined up his next job with Chiesa's law firm.

We discussed the harm that volatile anti-cop language on social media can cause, specifically in light of the execution of an NYPD veteran on duty recently. That and a shooter who fired on officers and firefighters cleaning up a crime scene in AC. It's time to stand up for cops. It's time to call out anti-cop celebrities like Beyonce and Bruce Springsteen.

It's time to hold groups like Black Lives Matter accountable for the violence that they are clearly helping to foster. #BlueLivesMatter.

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