With the brewing controversy that has already exploded in many towns across NJ, Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno can weigh in from the perspective of the LG's office how the state and towns can reconcile the charter school issue.

Public schools are saying that the charter schools take money right out of their pockets. Whether a student is a charter or traditional public student, the state still has an obligation to pay.  Additionally, the charter school receives 90% of the money allocated per student as the Public school administration holds back 10% for related administrative costs.

What strikes me most is that according to funding reports the public schools are spending nearly twice as much per student as charters.  Are charters the more cost effective way to go for tax payers?  if the balance is even greater could real estate taxes go down?  Seems that before the governor touts his 'fair funding' formula, a look at school expenses should be in order.  Here's the LG's statement on the issue from Wednesday.

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