If Donald Trump ever wants to add some Jersey flair to his campaign, one legendary New Jersey rocker has made it clear he doesn't want Trump using his music.

Southside Johnny, the legendary NJ rocker was in studio with me and joined me in the middle of a discussion about whether Donald Trump will stay in the race or not when I asked him "Why don't you sell him (Trump) a song?" To which Johnny replied "I don't want him singing my songs. Who knows who he'd hire to sing my songs?"

So add Jersey's own Southside Johnny to the list of Steven Tyler from Aerosmith and Michael Stipe of R.E.M. that have told Trump to avoid using their songs in his campaigns.

As far as a local candidate like Gov. Chris Christie, Johnny said, "Well and unfortunately, I mean I know Chris Christie a little bit. I like him. I don't like a lot of his policies, but he's blown a lot of credibility in New Jersey, unfortunately. This is a bad political move for him, so we'll see what happens after that." When I asked Johnny hypothetically, if Trump dropped out of the race, would those votes go to Christie, Johnny replied "not a chance."

Listen to the complete interview in the clip above.