All you need to do is say, “prime rib” and I’m there!

One of my favorite cuts of meat is now being promoted by a South Jersey steakhouse as the “Chris Christie Cut!”

It’s a 22 ounce cut of prime rib that comes with salad, sides, and dinner rolls – all for the princely sum of 37.99.

(Does that come with a discount if you use EZ Pass?)

Some of our loyal correspondents on the New Jersey 101.5 Facebook page along with others have decried the promotion – hinting that it’s insulting!

Insulting to whom?
The Governor?

I think he’s got a lot more on his proverbial "plate" right now than worrying about a prime rib promotion bearing his name.

A New Jersey steakhouse might have some “beef” with Governor Christie.

Charley’s Other Brother in Mt. Holly is offering a portly 22 oz. prime rib, and they’re calling it “The Chris Christie Cut.”

The hefty cut of beef comes with a salad, sides and dinner rolls, all for $37.99.

It’s unclear whether or not the Governor is aware of the unflattering menu item.

Christie famously had lap band surgery last February, which he didn’t reveal to the public until months later.

Note that the story even hints at the “unflattering” menu item.

I don’t know. Perhaps less flattering would be if his name were lent to an item on the menu at the famed Carnegie Deli – perhaps the tongue sandwich!

I guess some people just can’t take a good “ribbing!”