Ever since his gas tax hike didn't go through, Governor Christie has been trying to find money for New Jersey while ignoring the obvious white elephant in the room. That white elephant would be to legalize marijuana which the democrats are now making part of their 2016 presidential platform.

The latest plan would put an end to a 38-year-old agreement allowing state-to-state commuters to pay taxes only in their home state. The plan could bring in 180 million dollars from Pennsylvanians who work in New Jersey, but will hurt those New Jersey people who can barely survive their property taxes here and are forced to commute over the Delaware Valley bridges into Pennsylvania where they would now pay taxes in two states. They are already paying a city tax if they work in Philadelphia, not to mention parking.

In a straight "find the money" approach, this will bring in revenue. It kind of comes off as a back door way to tax the rich, but when you factor in those who are barely scraping by, the plan may backfire and we may see more New Jerseyans end up leaving the state to move to Pennsylvania. Is this plan really the right thing to do?

Add to this plan there's still a possibility that the gas tax may get passed anyway in a revised deal and you have to wonder how anyone would be able to afford to stay in New Jersey. Better yet, why anyone would want to stay?

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