SOUTH BRUNSWICK — The school district's superintendent has submitted his resignation, two weeks after being place on administrative leave.

Dr. Jerry Jellig's resignation was accepted by the board of education at its meeting Tuesday night, and takes effect on May 31.

Both come following a May 10 protest by the South Brunswick Education Association at which members held signs accusing Jellig of intimidating members, questionable spending and inappropriate behavior toward women, according to NJ Advance Media.


The union posted on its Facebook page posted a welcome to Dr. Gary McCartney, a former superintendent of the district who will return to the role in an interim basis. McCartney's announcement was greeted with cheers and applause from the audience.

Even louder cheers were reserved for the board's announcement that Joanne Kerekes would not be retiring and would return as assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction.


"The SBEA looks ahead to brighter days! Welcome back to Dr. Gary McCartney and Joanne Kerekes! We look forward to accomplishing many great things together for our community, once again," read the union's Facebook post.


Richard Chromey, who was appointed acting superintendent at the May 9 meeting, returns to his position as the head of human resources for the district.


McCartney addressed the meeting and said that he was looking forward.

"I am a firm believer that as we look forward there is much to do and I pledge that I will work in the same way I previously worked," he said.

McCartney retired as South Brunswick's superintendent in 2014.

"My goal is to raise the level of performance in the district," McCartney said.

He did not address any of the issues surrounding Jellig's term.

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