A very special moment happened at South Brunswick High School recently.

On Saturday, hundreds of students and spectators filled the stands for the annual Powder Puff football tournament, pitting girls from each of the four classes against each other in a flag football game. An announcer asked the crowd to rise for the national anthem, which was a recording because they didn't have a singer available.

The equipment failed. The standing crowd heard nothing.

Several awkward silent moments passed, then something happened that will bring a patriotic tear to your eye.

A few members of the four teams down on the field started singing it themselves. So few, at first, you can't even hear the the words until others join in. Soon the entire crowd both on the field and throughout the bleachers was singing our national anthem just days before Thanksgiving.

South Brunswick High School principal Peter Varela said the tournament is a big annual event that raises money for charities and involves the entire school with each class vying to win the school spirit cup.

"There' a lot of school spirit involved. A lot of decorating that leads up to the event itself. It's an event I  look forward to every year," Varela told New Jersey 101.5's Dan Alexander. "I felt this pride and felt proud of the kids to take it upon themselves (to sing)."

Varela said this may lead to a new tradition of students singing a capella every year.

I have to tell you, it gave me chills. After a contentious campaign and election and all the fallout, it is nice to see that "The Star-Spangled Banner" still means something and that everyone came together to save the moment.

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