At least 4 homes in a South Amboy neighborhood have been evacuated after a sink hole opened up early Tuesday morning.

A car in a sinkhole on Gordon Street in South Amboy (South Amboy Police)

South Amboy police detective Matthew Barcheski  says a water main break is believed to have caused the sink hole on Gordon Street which was first reported around 6:30 a.m. on Tuesday morning. Pictures of the area show a small SUV-type vehicle that has fallen into the hole and a large section of a home's front yard as being missing;

"At one time there was a fire hydrant at the end of the street, which you can no longer see,” Fire Chief Mike Geraltowswki told CBS New York. “The water broke and caused a sinkhole, for lack of a better word.”

Gordon Street east of Pine Ave is closed as Middlesex Water crews are make repairs.Geraltowswki says that an engineering crew will have to rip up the road, determine the cause of the damage and then shore up the road so a crane can be brought in to pull out the car.

The neighborhood is on the edge of a wooded area where Whale Creek runs nearby. Geraltowswki tells that on Sunday the area was lined with kids staging for the town's annual St. Patrick's Day Parade.

No one has been injured according to police.