Every Friday at noon Dennis and Judi take a break from the work week and have some fun with the “Dennis and Judi Music Hour.”   Every week the theme switches and this week’s theme was “songs with BIG openings.” You know the songs Dennis and Judi are talking about, the songs that you crank on your iPod or in your car as soon as you here the first beat because it is so recognizable.

Dennis and Judi actually kicked off the music hour discussing an new artist that they just learned about Ed Sheeran. They probably heard more about him from co-workers and listeners than they wanted to and said the Sheeran reminded them of someone who they'd see serving them coffee somewhere. But they did admit after listening to him , that his songs are catchy.

Here's one of Sheeran's songs below if you've never listened to him before.

Here’s a list of music hour songs Dennis and Judi came up with as well as the listeners for the topic:

Dennis’ Pick:

Chicago - "25 or 6 to 4"

Judi's pick:

Black Eyed Peas - "I've Got a Feeling"

Here are some of the listener's picks:

Dustin in Philly -

Spencer Davis Group - "Give Me Some Lovin'"

Jim in Allentown

Mighty Mighty Bosstones - "The Impression that I Get"

Judy in Burlington

Tony Orlando - "Knock Three Times"

Bob in Bedminster

Paul Revere & The Raiders - "Indian Reservation (Cherokee People)"

Carl in Bayonne

The Romantics - "What I like About You"

Frank from Columbus

Led Zeppelin - "Rock & Roll"

Dave in Red Bank

Bruce Springsteen - "10th Avenue Freeze Out"

Hal in Langhorne

Iron Butterfly - "In A Gadda Da Vida"

So what are some of your favorite songs with those BIG openings?