Do you have that one song on your iPod or in your music collection that your totally embarrassed to say you enjoy? Is it that song that you ONLY listen to in the car when you're by your self or when you have headphones on? These are the songs that are the equivalent of 'musical junk food,' where you know they're bad for you but you have to listen anyway. If you know there types of songs all to well, then this week's Dennis and Judi music hour is perfect for you!Dennis and Judi has a plethora of picks for this topic, including Judi making fun of Dennis for "crying" over songs like 'Patches' Patty Page's 'Cape Cod' and the Tams' song 'Be Young , Be Foolish, Be Happy.'

Dennis and Judi agreed though that you have to REALLY have something wrong with you if you like either one of these songs:

Olivia Newton John - 'Have You Ever Been Mellow' -

or even worse, this song:

Barry Mannilow "I Can't Smile Without You"

Here are some of the listeners embarrassing choices:

John from Philly -

Abba - 'Dancing Queen'


Anthony from Hamilton

Nat King Cole's - 'Wolverton Mountain'


John in PA

The Weather Girls 'It's Raining Men'


Karl in Bayonne

Bobby Goldsboro - 'Honey'


John from Raritan

Beach Boys - 'Surfer Girl'


Lydia in Edison


Madonna - 'True Blue'


Jerry in Brick

Chris D' Burgh's - 'Lady in Red'


Victor in Lakewood

Luther Vandross - 'Dance with My Father'


Wally from Fanwood

Neil Sedaka's 'Alice in Wonderland'


What are some of your guilty pleasure songs? Leave your comments below.