What a beautiful day for a parade in Somerville.  As a participant!

A friend is a volunteer fireman, and he collects classic firetrucks as a hobby!

What does one do with an old  firetruck? Ride in a parade! 

 The Somerville St. Patrick's Day Parade kicked off at around 2:15 this afternoon, to big , happy crowds along Main Street!

It was fun to "creep" along Main Street...surrounded by the sounds of bagpipes, and the cheers of  those lining the parade route!

To wave to the "kids of all ages," and snap pictures from inside the firetruck cab. All the while, they were taking pictures of us...  This is the one day of the year that you can sit--or lie down--in the middle of Main Street!

The big question of the parade? Where's Kohler?  WISCONSIN. 

And, yes, after buying the truck, my friend DROVE it from Wisconsin to New Jersey. Well over 900 miles. And it only has 5,000 miles on the odometer!

Speaking of that...

...gotta give the '52 more gas, so we can get home!

Did someone just say "Memorial Day Parade?"