Ok, a show of hands!

Who’s for Sheldon, the pig that is owned by Somers Point resident Morgan Slaughter, to be allowed to stay with its owner?

Conversely – do you feel the town of Somers Point is right in saying that Sheldon has to go due to their ordinance that forbids pigs as pets?

My wife has always wanted a pot-bellied pig; an idea that I was never too nuts about, but I remember when I brought the idea up one day on the air, a number of people called in to tell me stories of their pet pigs, and how they felt they were cleaner than dogs.

According to the Press of Atlantic City, this note was posted on Morgan Slaughter's Facebook page :

On Tuesday evening after the ruling, she posted on the Facebook page, “I have my very first broken heart. Tonight will be the first night Sheldon is forced out of his home. I am severely ashamed to be a resident of the town of Somers Point. Ruling: $1000 fine.”
“I am thinking a 150 (pound) vicious dog that will be taught to bark and attack on command will be our next family pet as that will be legal in your eyes, while our harmless, sweet, loving pig is the apparent terror of the town!,” she posted on Facebook.

The town fathers seem like a bunch of "Boss Hogg" despots (see how I went there?)

Sounds to me like their only purpose in life is to push little people like Slaughter around, all the while shaking them down.

However, while I would normally say the town should just have grandfathered the pig and allowed her to keep it – despite wanting to shake her down for $750 – the quote that “she didn’t follow through with applying for the variance was because she didn’t think it was fair.” falls on deaf ears.

It would have been a small price to pay to keep the pig, and she would have avoided the heartbreak of giving the pig up

Should Somers Point allow pig-owning woman to keep it?