Thursday's high temperatures did not get past 48 or 49, so the upper 40s was the way to go, and that's what we predicted yesterday.

Today, passing clouds and some sunshine developing with highs in the low 50s, but a bit cooler than that near the ocean.

Partly cloudy tonight with some 40s, but a few 30s are possible in the coolest spots.

There's a nice nice weekend up ahead.

Returning sunshine and a milder afternoon, in the mid 60s, on Saturday.  But, it will be, at least, 10 degrees cooler than that along the coast with a wind off the water.

Easter Sunday will be filled with sunshine with highs maybe a bit cooler, about 60 or so.  But, speaking of cooler on Sunday, it will be cooler than that near the ocean.

Showers return next week, probably about Tuesday as it stands now.

Enjoy your weekend.