As usual, a look at the high temperatures from yesterday; 43 or 44 were the highest numbers from Monday.

Again, the normal high is 47 to 48, so a little bit below that.

Some sunshine today with highs maybe a shade below the norms again with middle 40s this afternoon.

Becoming cloudy tonight and windy late with the chance of light rain in far South Jersey during the pre-dawn hours and highs from 30s to near 40.

Tomorrow, very windy from 20 to 30 miles per hour with gusts of 40 to 50 and rain, heavy at times.  It'll be mostly rain, but heavy wet snow may mix in during the day, but mainly rain.   Coastal flooding at the times of high tide expected tomorrow.  Tomorrow's highs from 38 to 44.

But, rain will change to wet snow, heavy wet snow, tomorrow evening and night.  At least several inches of wet snow is possible Wednesday night.  I'm really thinking four inches or more.

Still very windy Thursday with leftover rain or snow.  Thursday's highs again from 38 to 44.  There's going to be at least moderate flooding at the times of high tide later tomorrow afternoon and late tomorrow night.