Thursday's high temperatures reached the high 70s and low 80s; upper 70s in Trenton and Wrightstown, low 80s in Trenton and Atlantic City International Airport.

With some sunshine and still rather humid weather today, high temperatures will be in the middle to perhaps upper 80s, but certainly mid 80s for sure.  It'll be a bit cooler at the beach, and again, surf will be rough due to Leslie to our south.  There is the chance, but just the chance, of a shower or thunderstorm in parts of the state, especially North Jersey.

Humid again tonight with some 60s, but closer to 70 in urban and coastal areas.

Some sunshine and humid tomorrow.  There's the chance of a shower or a gusty thunderstorm at any time, especially tomorrow afternoon and evening.  Highs Saturday back in the 80s, but cooler near the ocean.

Then, a spectacular day on Sunday, but much cooler and noticeably less cooler with sunshine returning.  Sunday's highs, in most cases, will be just in the 70s.