Monday's high temperatures reached the upper 60s and low 70s; as high as Newark's 71, but everyone else was in the upper 60s.

Today, we'll have highs in the low 70s with some sun and clouds and just the chance of a shower.

Some clouds around tonight and milder with some lows in the 50s, but just the chance of a brief shower.  40s are possible in NW Jersey.

Variable clouds Wednesday with low 70s, but cooler again near the ocean.

Clouds and some sun are possible Thursday with temperatures around 70, but cooler along the coast.

The biggest forecast challenge in the days ahead will be what will happen with Tropical Storm Sandy, which will eventually become a hurricane in the days ahead, as it heads towards the Bahamas.

It'll probably be moving north or north-northeast-ward off the eastern seaboard, but perhaps close enough to affect New Jersey possibly by the end of the weekend or Monday of next week.

It's too early to say what the exact impact, if any, will be here in the Garden State.

We'll keep you posted.