It was recently announced that the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs will give towns that merge grants totaling 20 percent of their consolidation costs.

"I would fight to the death before I'd see Freehold Township merged with the Borough or any other town. We have one of the lowest tax rates in the county, the lowest water rates in the county, some of the best services in the county, and there is no way that merging can benefit our residents. It would be great for the Borough... it would be a disaster for Township taxpayers," says Dave Salkin, Mayor of Freehold Township.

Governor Chris Christie says merging small towns makes a lot of sense but he does not want to make the decision from Trenton.

"There are some towns that may be interested in consolidation where their financial wherewithal would cause that but so far I can only speak for Waretown so far we are doing pretty well and joining up with adjoining towns… I'm not sure if that would be in the best interest of Waretown," says

, Mayor of the Township of Ocean.

Christie says is proposals to merge make it onto the ballot and are voted down he does not want those residents to complain to him about his property taxes.