My prediction of low to mid 80s yesterday was just a shade low.

It was up to 86 or 87 just about everywhere yesterday.

Today will be a bit cooler; 78 to 82 and cooler at the beach because there is the threat of some showers and even a thunderstorm moving through as we go through the course of our day today.

Showers can still be around much of the night with lows back in the 60s it appears.

There's the slight chance of an early leftover shower tomorrow.  Otherwise, becoming partly sunny with highs in the upper 70s, though a bit cooler than that near the ocean.

Then, some great weather lies ahead.

Sunny and pleasant Thursday around 80 or so, still cooler at the beaches.

Friday and Saturday both look good from here with lots of sunshine and high temperatures in the low to middle 80s, though it will be cooler Friday and Saturday at the beach.

Sunday, there might be a shower or thunderstorm, at some point later in the day, but most of the day should be okay.