An incredible range of high temperatures yesterday.

It didn't get past the upper 60s at Newark Liberty Airport, while it reached 85 in Millville, Cumberland County.

Of course, we had really almost a non-event yesterday.  Yeah, we had some nasty storms with heavy downpours that went through in the morning, but nothing again in parts of the state until last evening.  Happily, that was the case.

We did break a rainfall record in Atlantic City, 1.38 inches broke the old record of 1.29 set back in 1953. There was not quite as much rain, though, as we expected. I'm sure nobody is complaining.

Some passing showers and area of rain around for a time today.  Otherwise, clouds should break for some sunshine later with a brisk wind and kind of cool, 68 to 72.

Clear and chilly 50s tonight with a few 40s in the coolest spots.

Sunny and warmer in the low 80s Saturday, though it may turn cooler at the beach.

Some sun Sunday, then clouding up with the chance of a few showers, highs near 80, but definitely cooler near the ocean.