Dennis and Dena Blizzard (filling in for Judi) kicked off the show by discussing her new video 'Soiled: A Royals Parody" that has been getting a ton of hits on YouTube.

NJ Comedian Dena Blizzard created a new  parody video. This time, the video is called 'Soiled: A Laundry Parody,' which is a hysterical take on the hit song from Lorde, called 'Royals.'

One caller though, decided he didn't find it as funny and told Dena on the air that he didn't find it funny at all. Dena took it in stride as everyone is entitled to their opinion. Obviously, whenever you deal with something humorous, it's always subjective and criticized.

So Dena and Dennis decided to put it up for a vote. What do you think of Dena's video "Soiled?" Take the poll below.