Before this past weekend, it had been more than a year since New Jersey saw any significant snow which was tough on many of the ski resorts across the state. But, the recent storm dumped more than a foot of the white stuff in spots which made for a busy weekend on the slopes.


"We make snow when we don't get any, but we basically didn't have any snowstorms of any consequence during the entire winter last year. The fresh powder is what skiers and snowboarders look for and we had plenty of it here on Saturday afternoon and Sunday," said Ron Fehr, a manager at the Campgaw Mountain Ski area in Mahwah. "We've had a couple of snow events already this year and everybody certainly was outside enjoying it this past weekend."

"When people see the snow in their backyard, they say 'gee let's go skiing.' Then they come up and find out that we've had snow for weeks and weeks already," said Fehr. "Of course, we've been getting some rain too. By nature, snow is very slick, but we groom the entire hill and when we get a good glaring of ice on top of the snow, it causes it to shed any rain that may fall on top of it. So, when the rain event is over, we take our groomers out and take away that top layer of ice and bring the hill right back down to that powdery snow that's underneath it. So, we use the ice to protect the snow."

So, with snow already on the hill and more snow in the forecast this week, Fehr had three words for Mother Nature, "Bring it on!"