High temperatures Wednesday reached 51 in Trenton, 52 in Wrightstown, but a bit cooler at Newark and Atlantic City, at just 46 degrees in those locations.Today, it will be in the lower 40s with the chance of a few passing rain or snow showers through the morning. Otherwise it will be variable cloudy with highs in the lower 40s.

Partly cloudy tonight, with temperatures in the 20s in some spots.

Clouds and some sunshine on Friday.  Temperatures should be in the 40s or perhaps 50s, which is a bit above the normal high.

There are a few weather systems to watch for over the weekend. The one Saturday will be very minor with some early flurries possible, then some sunshine.  Highs only Saturday in the chilly 30s.

Sunday may have a bit more consequence, although nothing more than a coating or so.  Snow showers should move out by the mid-morning, then dying out and improving.  Highs should be in the low 40s.