This morning the State Senate Judiciary Committee unanimously approved Governor Chris Christie’s selection for the state’s next Attorney General. It was a virtual love-fest as panel members took turns lauding Jeff Chiesa and his accomplishments. The full Upper House is expected to rubber stamp Chiesa’s nomination this Monday.

Cheisa says his time as Christie’s chief counsel has given him a special appreciation for the role of Attorney General and an understanding of just how important the job is.

In 2002, Cheisa became a federal prosecutor under then-U.S. Attorney Christie. He spent almost seven years representing the United States in federal criminal matters. He explains, “During this time, I worked on a broad spectrum of criminal cases including violent crimes, some involving drugs and guns, economic crimes, national security matters and public corruption.”

“Governor Christie was known as a corruption buster in his service as U.S. Attorney, so it’s no surprise he would appoint someone like Jeff who shares his dedication and work ethic to take on that challenge as our state’s Attorney General,” says State Senator Kip Bateman, a member of the judiciary committiee. “As Attorney General, I have no doubt in my mind that Jeff Chiesa will be persistent, effective and fair, and he’ll do much to make New Jersey a safer place to live.”