The New Jersey Assembly yesterday voted 64 - 7 with four abstentions to ban smoking in all municipal, county, and state parks and beaches. Fines go all the way to $1,000 for multiple offenses. It's designed to cut down on second-hand smoke, litter, and to reduce the risk of fires.

"People enjoying a day on the beach, a jog, bike ride, or a walk shouldn't have to deal with secondhand smoke," said New Jersey Sierra Club director Jeff Tittel. "It also could be dangerous with some people failing to completely put out their cigarette butts, leading to people stepping on it, or even boardwalk fires. Careless smokers in parks have also caused damage to picnic areas, historic buildings, and even forest fires. "

Are smokers having to give up too many rights? Or is this the natural progression of things the more we learn about the incredible dangers associated with smoking?