If you are a smoker, you may want to start saving those pennies and no, it won't be for more cigarettes either.

Phil Walter/Getty Images

According to an article on Yahoo! Finance, smokers will be heavily penalized in President Obama's new healthcare plan. Under the new plan, health providers could charge smokers purchasing new policies 50 percent more for coverage.

Younger smokers may be charged less because they are still in their peak years of good health. Older smokers though, will not be that fortunate. A 55 year old smoker for example, could be paying in excess of $4,250 per yea in penalties for being a smoker. If you are over 60 years of age, those penalties on top of their premiums could rise to as much as $5,100 per year.

Employees that are covered by their employer's insurance plan have an option to to avoid penalties by joining smoking cessation programs, which would not be available for people purchasing their own personal policies.

Is the news of this plan and these penalties against smokers enough to make you quit if you are a smoker? Or will you still continue to smoke regardless? Take the poll and let us know how you will handle it.