So far this year, we’ve had teachers yelling at an autistic student in Cherry Hill, An Elizabeth principal accused of choking a student, Governor Christie calling for education reform and a teacher tenure reform bill to try to weed out the bad educators among us.

Then you’ve got teachers having to deal with unruly students, bullying, and a system that in many cases doesn’t provide them with the tools that they need to do the job causing them at times to reach into their own pockets.


If only there was a product that could be the solution of all of these problems. (Think Ed Norton)  “Oh school of the future, what can you bring us?” How about bringing cameras to the classroom?


I can’t believe no one has considered this great idea. Cameras in the classroom would protect both students and teachers, not only from each other but from those that would accuse them. Cameras are everywhere. You can find them in most public places. They are probably up where you work, in elevators, on streetlights, in shopping malls, stores, pretty much everywhere you go. Why not put them in the classroom?


Cameras can benefit both the teacher as well as the student. If a teacher gives a particularly good lesson, they can preserve it and reference it. The tapes can also be used for teacher reviews.  Any disciplinary problems with regards to students would be there for all to see.

It’s a win-win situation! As for who will pay for the cameras, either get them donated as a tax write off, or trade them out for advertising space in the school. Maybe you could take the money some schools use to pay singers like Ashanti, but I digress.

Please take the poll and tell us what you think about cameras inside the classroom.