Jets Center Nick Mangold recently tweeted that he tries to avoid Newark’s stank…saying …."Best part of driving back to NJ rather than flying even if it's a 9 hour trip instead of 1.5 hours? Not having 2 go thru the stank of Newark."

He should talk. There are guys living under the Atlantic City boardwalk that look like they'd smell "Irish Spring" fresher than he does...but I digress!

Mangold, who grew up in Ohio but now lives in Chatham, spent the next hour on Twitter telling fans what he thinks of the smell that emanates from the Brick City — as well as making sure that people knew he was kidding, even if he wasn’t!

Mangold told one irate dude who called him out. …"it's not jersey that smells. It's Newark. I quite enjoy NJ," He tweeted similar praise for the state in a number of replies.

He even broke Mayor Corey Booker’s chops, tweeting to a follower, "I think @corybooker would have to agree. Otherwise he should get his sense of smell checked."

We’ve always been known for our smelly air…., most often because the stretch of Turnpike leading to the Airport and into the city run parallel to refineries that give the air an unmistakable aroma.

It’s gotten so bad that a couple of times within the last few years, environmental officials had to be called to north Jersey to check things out.

Worst to me: the smell of the “doody factory” as you pass Int. 13 by the Goethals Bridge.

Worst place for smells in NJ...where would that be?