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The smart device continues to change the world - not only with our communication but how we shop and spend money. This is a major benefit to both the business and the consumer.

Whether it's an e-mail blast, a customized text message or an application (app), businesses in New Jersey and across the nation have your undivided attention whenever they want it. You also have full access to an amazing array of information, products and services at your disposal. New technology keeps making it easier for the business-customer relationship to flourish in exciting ways. It's no longer a circular comes to the house and you cut coupons. In many cases now, the phone is now the discount method.

Rutgers Communication Professor Steve Miller says in today's instant gratification society, all sides benefit. He says "there are many ways companies market their products and services to you. Using advanced tracking algorithms, they can even tailor the way you get the information. Coupons can be sent to you via all sorts of methods and you can even buy the products with the tap of your finger."

Miller adds they haven't even started exploring all the possibilities yet. A virtual wallet is being developed that will eventually eliminate the need to walk around with cash.

While the technology is great, some have raised issue about privacy concerns. GPS tracking has upset some - but according to Miller, many of the smartphone users have embraced the technology and opt out when they don't desire information from a particular provider.