Today in New Jersey’s First News:

We have a very disturbing video posted on our website of a strange traffic stop on the New Jersey Turnpike.  This morning we can tell you more about what happened.  It was recorded by a guy's dashboard camera.  It's dark.  There are two cones in the highway and when the guy pulls over and asks what's going on a shadowy figure approaches and puts his hands behind his back.  The driver races off.  We now know there were at least two 911 calls made to state police about this and a short time later, trooper's arrested the guys who put those cones out, one is charged with DWI.

Republicans are promising to use their new found majorities in Congress to stop President Obama from changing the immigration system.  Obama said Wednesday that if Congress didn't act, he would take steps on his own to essentially grant amnesty to millions of illegals by the end of the year.

Governor Christie is taking his victory laps after his republican gubernatorial candidates won big Tuesday night.  It further helped boost his national profile as he considers a run for president.  Christie will be in our studios, tonight, taking your calls on Ask the Governor.

Very few of you voted in Tuesday's elections in fact, early figures show turnout was close to historic lows. Of 5-point-5 million registered voters less than two million voted about 31-percent.

Wherever you go in Jersey they always seem to be there, lurking, staring. Despite ongoing efforts to control the deer population, in many suburban areas giant herds of the animals seem to be constantly running and jumping on lawns, over fences and out into the street.


The Christie administration admits no one is really keeping track of how many people are still out of their homes since superstorm Sandy. Housing advocates say this represents a failure in the recovery effort.

Police need your help locating a missing father of two children.  34-year old Edward Wortman vanished without a trace from his Woodbridge home October 25th.  He left his wallet and his glasses and has a medical condition that makes him a high risk missing persons case.  He's African American 5-foot-8 and we have a full description at

Ray rice's appeal to be reinstated to the NFL is underway in New York.  Rice was suspended indefinitely after video of him punching his fiance in the face at revel surfaced.  For two hours, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell was questioned by Rice's attorneys.  Rice, himself, spent almost 10-hours at the hearing.

When it comes to weather, climate and natural risks, two New Jersey counties are among the top 50 worst places to own a home according to new data from

A north Jersey police officer is alive this morning. Thanks to his bullet proof vest.  In East Orange a suspect fired a shot at Sgt. Mike Williams.  Williams was knocked to the ground but fellow officers captured the gunman a short time later.

There will be more talk of hiking the gas tax today.  State Assembly Transportation committee members hold a hearing in Camden to talk about the transportation trust fund which pays for road and bridge repair.  The idea of a gas tax has repeatedly been floated.  Governor Christie has been opposed in the past but now says he open to all options. Governor Christie and lawmakers continue to scramble to find ways to replenish the almost broke transportation trust fund as more and more people talk about a gas tax hike. One assemblyman has a new idea that he admits wouldn't help much right now, but should pay off big-time in the future.

They had promised bottom dollar food prices but questions about quality and poor sales have sunk the bottom dollar food stores in New Jersey.  The chain has been sold to Aldi and will close by the end of the year.

Is Ebola really a big threat in New Jersey and do you agree with Governor Christie's decision to quarantine nurse Kaci Hickox and then let her go home to Maine? These are the questions posed in the latest Monmouth University poll released this morning.

Workplace bullying is affecting millions of workers in the United States. In a national survey, more than a quarter of workers say they are currently being bullied, or have been.

The National Toy Hall of Fame will be inducting the class of 2014, and it's announcing this year's inductees Thursday morning in Rochester, N.Y. The 12 finalists include American Girl dolls, the game Operation, My Little Pony, Rubik's Cube and Slip `n Slide. A national selection committee made up of 23 experts, including toy collectors, designers and psychologists vote the winners into the hall each year.

Women candidates made some gains in this week's elections, but females remain sharply underrepresented in both New Jersey and the nation.


WEATHER from chief meteorologist Dan Zarrow:

TODAY... Periods of rain.  Breezy.  Highs 54-62
TONIGHT... Scattered showers.  Breezy and cool.  Lows 40-46
TOMORROW... Isolated showers, then some clearing.  Windy.  Highs 50-56

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