I took calls today about Beyonce's Super Bowl halftime performance at Super Bowl 50.

During the majority of the show, listeners called in with varying opinions on Beyonce's performance and whether it was in support of the Black Panther Party. The performance caused so much controversy that the president of the NJ State Troopers Fraternal Association, Christopher J. Burgos, wrote a letter to NFL Commissioner to express his disgust over the halftime show which Burgos believes sent an "anti-cop" message.

Beyonce's performance is not about a couple of police officers and whether they went over the top, this is blatant anti-police sentiment.

Below are some of the strongest reactions to Beyonce's performance from the discussion. You can listen to the reactions from callers who were both angered by Beyonce and others who were in support of it below.

Andy from the Parkway "I agree with what the State Police are doing. It's finally time people start speaking up in support of law enforcement."


Mildred from Newark: "If cops treated black people as if all lives matter, there wouldn't be a need for Black Lives Matter."



Caller Pasquale from Newark: "Where is the anti-gang movement?"

"H" on the Parkway - "That's anti-cop? That's ridiculous!"


Caller RJ in Robinsville: "People like Beyonce are making race relationships worse."


Anonymous caller from the Parkway: "We, America, have to stop looking at color and address the problem. It's not going away."

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