I don’t have an iPhone and neither does my wife.

However every time she hits the voice activation button on her “piece of crap” flip phone, she gets a message that says, “…please say a command”!

It never understands her. That’s when she usually tells it to go “f^%$k off”!

Could be the heavy Brooklyn Jewish accent!
…or maybe, just maybe the technology isn't what it should be.

Well, fast forward to today.

At last report…Apple is the most valuable stock on the market…worth something like $552 a share…and the worth of the company exceeds that of Exxon Mobile.

Officials at the company say they have to stay ahead of the curve by creating products and features as innovative as Siri to keep rivals like Google and Samsung at bay.

Interesting, especially since there’s a class action lawsuit against Apple for deceptive advertising over the ease at which its Siri voice activation system for iPhone 4 S supposedly works.

According to a report in PC World, the suit, filed by Robbins Geller on behalf of plaintiff Frank M. Fazio, reads. “[Apple's] advertisements regarding the Siri feature are fundamentally and designedly false and misleading

According to Fazio, Siri often gave him bad information or, worse, didn’t understand what he was asking in the first place. And that’s not at all the experience depicted in Apple’s commercials for the service.

Here’s the way the commercial depicts the product.

And here’s something akin to what the suit is alleging.

Judge for yourself and take the poll.