I'm sure many school teachers hate this as much as I do. I just learned of yet another new initiative in our nation's schools. "Character Day" is here. According to NJ.com, over 1,500 schools and community organizations across the U.S.A. today are participating in "Character Day" by watching films and listening to 'experts' and playing games and sitting around discussing positive character traits and how they can be nurtured. Here in New Jersey, schools in Cherry Hill, Bordentown, Princeton Junction, Newark, and Jersey City are taking part.

And they want to make longer school days and longer school years? Perhaps if they let parents worry about instilling character in their kids and just decided its their job to teach them academics and not be stand-in parents we wouldn't need longer school days and longer school years. Could the education system please just shut up and teach my kid math? I'll worry about their 'character', thank you very much.