The weekend forecast turned out reasonably well.

There were some clouds around for a while on Saturday, but then the sun came out later in the day.

Of course, it was a spectacular Sunday with temperatures in the lower 80s.

Today's temperatures may make the low to mid 80s with the risk of a brief shower.  Some of the forecasters are indicating the risk of a light shower in parts of the state today.  I don't know if I want to buy that, but something that I may want to consider putting in the forecast.

The risk of some shower and thunderstorm activity before Tuesday.  It should be gone for Wednesday with temperatures and humidity levels heading down, so that would be good news.

It looks, as though, Thursday and Friday look fine from here.

The start of the weekend does, too.

There's some questions about Sunday as to whether or not clouds will increase and there might some South Jersey scattered showers by Sunday afternoon.

That remains to be seen.

We'll have more about that down the road in the days ahead.