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Mom's monetary worth on Mother's Day 2018
TODAY...Mother's Day is a big day for Mom...and a big day for retailers!
According to the National Retail Foundation, today's spending was expected to reach a near-record $23.1 billion dollars, at an average of $180 per person.
That's down slightly from last year's record $23...
Craig Allen's Fun Facts: "One Thing Leads To Another" by the Fixx
The "Fixx" is a British new wave/rock group that formed in London in 1979.
Our nj1015.com spotlight song is their biggest hit. And, there are "Fun Facts" to come.
First, a little band history!
College buddies Cy Curnin (on vocals) and Adam Woods (on drums) called the…
Craig Allen asks: What do Jersey Bumper Stickers say about us?
New Jersey cars have been "mobile billboards" forever!
Whether proclaiming school and college pride, political causes and politicians, or just as an expression of the owner's personality...
...bumper stickers, car magnets and static stickers are everywhere in New Jersey...
Craig Allen's Fun Facts: "Centerfold" by J. Geils Band
While the J. Geils Band formed in the 1960's, they didn't hit their "commercial" stride til the 1970's...and would find their biggest success in the 1980's!
Before the song-specific "Fun Facts," a few band facts:
The band began as an acoustic blu…
Craig Allen's Neighborhood Tractor Race is coming!
IMAGINE: Lawn Tractors..."speeding" through normally quiet residential streets...
Water balloons flying...from both the race "track," and from the sidelines!
Spectators cheering on their favorite racer...
...or SOAKING them!
THIS is the social event of the year in my …
Craig Allen's first 45 record!
I was going through my old records (singles), in search of a particular one for a photo...when I came across the first 45 that I bought with my own money!
I remember it well...I saved all my pennies for a long time!
Then, my mom took me to "Great Eastern" on Route 22 in North Plainfi…
It's Record Store Appreciation Day!
Whether you prefer the "warm" sound that only comes from a vinyl record, or the crisp perfection of an "album" on compact disc, this is the day for you!
What's in Craig Allen's Car CD Player?
Between being on the radio, and working on independent projects...I spend a lot of time on the road!
MOST New Jerseyans do.
Of course, I listen to a LOT of radio. Not only the stations that I am a part of, but I am always checking ou the competition as well...
Craig Allen's Fun Facts: "Sweet Talkin' Woman" by ELO
The "Electric Light Orchestra" formed in Birmingham, England in 1970.
Original members were the songwriters and multi-instrument playing Jeff Lynne, and Roy Wood...along with drummer Bev Bevan. Many would come and go over the years...
Try Craig Allen's Chocolate Banana Bread!
If you like banana bread (I do)...and you like chocolate (true love for me)...then, you'll "doubly like/love" this "bread" that is more of a desert!
And, its easy to make!
1 C all purpose flour
1/2 C cocoa
1 t baking soda
1/2 t sea salt
3 large, ripe bananas (1&am…
Craig Allen's Fun Facts: "Two Hearts" by Phil Collins
Did you know...or do you remember...that "Two Hearts" comes from a movie soundtrack?
A movie starring Phil Collins.
"Huh?" you say. That's part of the Fun...Facts!
Phil Collins started out as the drummer in the band "Genesis," and became the le…
Peeps: Fresh or Stale?
"Peeps" have long been a part of the Easter Season!  Just enjoy them.. and try not to think what LOTS of these sugary, marshmallow "chicks" can do to your teeth...and your waistline!
Craig Allen's Fun Facts: "The Warrior" by Scandal
Alert TMZ...it's a Scandal!
Of the ...music...variety!
"Scandal" formed in New York City in 1981, led by guitarist Mack Smith...who also wrote most of the band's songs.
Over the first few years, band members would come and go.....