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Craig Allen's Punxsutawney Story
Phil the Groundhog saw his shadow Friday morning.  Six more weeks of winter. Yadda, Yadda, Yadda! So, just when you thought you were done with stories from Punxsutawney, I have one more.
A few years before the 1993 Bill Murray movie made a stylized, fictional version of Punxsutawney a part …
Check out Craig Allen's Grammy!
The Grammy Awards are on.
(Insert your thoughts here)
Yeah...I agree.
I cared a LOT more in the 80's and 90's!
I DO like (some of the) new music...but, it's just...not the same.
And, don't get me started on the fact that a night that is supposed to celebrate music is...
Craig Allen's Fun Facts: "Dance With Me" by Orleans
Orleans' record label didn't hear any hit potential...but, "Dance With Me" would prove the label wrong...and become Orleans' first major chart hit!
With a name like "Orleans," you’d think that the band was from New Orleans, right...
Try Craig Allen's Sugar Cookie Bars!
I always associate sugar cookies with Christmas...my grandmother always made them for the holidays!
Better yet, years later, she shared her recipe, and we made them together!
So....Sugar Cookies = Ho-Ho-Ho memories!
But, since these are BARS...
Craig Allen's "Wall Of Inspiration" for the New Year!
If you have been following my postings here at nj1015.com, you know that I am into inspirational sayings.
As 2018 unfolds, keep in mind: "Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift."
Maybe one or two (or more) sayings will...inspire YOU!
Finally, some cell phone honesty!
It used to be, that my cell phone would only ring when it was someone that I want to, or need to, hear from.
I guard my cell number...very few people have it (and are in my contact list).
Sure, I still have my landline...it's part of my cable package...
Do you need a "Hangover Hat" today?
All of us here at New Jersey 101.5 and nj1015.com hope that you have a HAPPY 2018!
But...FIRST...despite my on-air, and on-line, advice to party "responsibly..."
Do you find yourself needing a...hangover remedy?
Try the "Hangover Hat" on for size...
Ring in 2018 with Craig Allen and New Jersey 101.5!
It's almost 2018...wow!
Join me (Craig Allen) as we say goodbye to the year that was...and HELLO to a New Year full of promise!
I'll be playing "Jersey's Favorite Party Hits"--commercial free--from 7:00 right up Midnight!
We call the program "New Jersey&ap…
Craig Allen's Fun Facts: The #25 (in honor of Christmas)
Here at nj1015.com, I have fun bringing you "Fun Facts" behind Jersey's Favorite Hits, and music artists...
Today, its some fun related to the #25...in honor of today being Christmas Day!
Seriously, who knew that the number 25 is so...
"Friendly Christmas Lights Competition" Update!
'Twas the weeks before Christmas, and all through my neighborhood, cars started driving by...to check out the lights!
Unlike the classic poem, my lines don't rhyme, but, that's what has been happening!
You might recall that "FedEx Pat" put up his annual display during …
Craig Allen recommends a Tom & Jerry drink for Christmas!
If you are over 21, that is!
I'm always game for trying something new...and while I was visiting my friends Rick and Suzee in Northern Wisconsin, he says to me: "We're gonna make some Tom & Jerry's for game time!"
Of course, I responded: "Huh?"…
Craig Allen's Favorite Christmas Classics 2017
Santa's big night is coming...
...and for the past few weekends, New Jersey 101.5 has been spreading the joy, playing "Jersey's Favorite Christmas Classics and Holiday Hits."