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I love life too much to ever support abortion
When Jim Gearhart last week — reacting to the news President Donald Trump would be picking another Supreme Court Justice — said America needs to get over its "national pastime of killing infants" ... you responded.
New Jersey stores that you would bring back
New Jersey-based "Toys R Us" is gone...and that got me thinking...what New Jersey stores do you miss?
I suggested that I miss (and would love to bring back) the "Two Guys" department store.
It went out of business in 1981. Bob, Brett, and Vince agreed...
New Jersey is the Crossroads of the Revolution
Here in New Jersey, we are surrounded by American History.
From major battles in Morristown, Princeton and Trenton...to skirmishes everywhere in between.
We are so used to this (or unaware, possibly), that we take little notice.
I was walking (putting lots of steps on my Fitbit on a nice day), when I c…
Is the money still safe inside the truck?
I was headed into my nearest mega-superstore for a few essentials when I passed this scene out front!
Seeing as I am always on the lookout for the interesting, the unusual, or just a slice of New Jersey, I snapped this picture and continued on my way into the store...
What long-gone New Jersey stores do you miss?
With the recent closure of all of their stores in the U.S., we can no longer be "Toys R Us kids."
Like "Geoffrey" (their mascot), we've had to...grow up.
While it is an international company, did you know that Toys R Us was headquartered in Wayne...
New Jersey drivers: Happy 4th of July 1976
Happy 4th of July, New Jersey!
Enjoy the day...remember the reason why we celebrate. And, remember those who sacrificed for our freedom!
In 1975...with the Bicentennial just around the corner...New Jersey drivers had the option to buy a special license plate, celebrating America's 200th birthday.…