With warmer weather right around the corner we "spring ahead" this coming weekend, but first we've got to face a little late winter snow and ice later today into tonight.

Matt Cardy, Getty Images

"March can often be a month of many faces. it's a transitional month, temperatures can warm 5 to 10 degrees over the course of the month, but winter is still reigning to our north and summer is approaching from our south," says New Jersey State Climatologist Dave Robinson.

He points out March is the 4th snowiest month of the year, right behind December, with about 5 inches on average. So it's not unusual for the flakes to be flying at this time of year.

"When the atmosphere really gets cranked up," he says, "you can go from warmth to bitter cold, or back to a warm situation in just a matter of days."

Robinson adds even with wintry weather moving in later today, a taste of spring could be right around the corner because the long-range forecast - 6 to 14 days off - is calling for more mild temperatures and several partly to mostly sunny days. But don't expect real spring weather to arrive till the middle of next month.