We all want the legacy of those we love to live on.


Evan Murray, left, is seen at a Relay for Life fundraiser with friends Sevian Frangipane and AJ Lea. Murray died Friday night after being injured playing football for Warren Hills Regional High School.

Having grown up with many friends from Warren Hills, I can attest to how tight-knight their school is. Having also experienced the unexpected death of a close family friend, I can understand the desire to immortalize a loved one through something bigger than a social media post. So in the case of retiring his jersey number, I say "Let the student body vote."

It's important to recognize the losses as well as the successes that we undergo as a community. If a kid made a big impact on the student body and his peers want to preserve that reputation through something as innocent as a jersey number, why not?

Do you think Warren Hills should retire Evan Murray's jersey number? Let me know in the poll and comments section below.

Kira Buxton is producer of The Jim Gearhart Show and a professional photographer-videographer. You can reach her at kira.buxton@townsquaremedia.com.