There is a debate going in Morris County as to whether fire fighters should be allowed to serve other communities along with their own

Clinton Fire Department truck (Clinton Fire Dept.)

This all started when Riverdale decided to open its ranks to volunteers from other towns, bringing their allotment to 50 from 30. This isn’t sitting well with those in Pequannock. The town is considering passing an ordinance that would restrict volunteer firefighters to staying in Pequannock. Right now the state imposes no restrictions.

Personally, I see no problem with this. As a man who comes from a family of fire fighters and has many friends on the job, I know that it takes a special kind of individual to do this job. If you can bring in trained and experienced volunteers to your town, you hit the ground running. The fact that these men are willing to serve more than one town shows you the special kind of heart that they have.

If the situation ever arose that both towns sounded the alarm at the same time, you would simply serve the town that you started in. If you were fighting a fire in one town and the alarm went off in another, you would stay where you are. This seems like common sense. These towns all help each other with the bigger fires anyway.

What do you think? Should volunteer firefighters be allowed to serve more than one community?