The waiting game isn't fun, especially when you're a law-abiding citizen trying to get a gun permit in New Jersey.

(Paul Moore, ThinkStock)

We've discussed restrictive gun laws before, but this week we're turning to the firearm permit application process. New Jersey police are supposed to accept or reject applications within 30 days, but this seems to be rarely enforced.

Many callers shared stories on air about waiting months to receive firearm ID cards and handgun permits, and how they had to call the police to initiate any dialogue on the status of their applications. While the most popular wait time reported by our listeners was six months, one man said it took a year before he received his permit. Of course, this may change thanks to Gov. Christie's executive order that reduces the processing time for domestic violence victims.

If you ask me, the excessive waiting penalizes people who are trying to do right. And, if the long among of time is due to short staffing or another type of backup in the police system, like one caller suggested, then why promise the 30 day period to begin with?

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