By Jeff Deminski

If Robert Shore on the board of directors of the Flemington Business Improvement District had his way all government documents in the borough would be in English only. 

Flickr User Arkangel

Shore made the request at a council meeting this week and was instantly criticized for disregarding 25% of the town's population, Hispanics.  Which to me is silly, as it seems to assume the entire Hispanic population never bothered learning English.  I'm sure the true percentage of people unable to read English only printed material would be much smaller.

At least I hope it would be.  It disturbs me to no end when I hear stories of people who come to this country but stick to such tight knit enclaves of their own kind and grasp white knuckled to their language that they never assimilate, never learn English, never truly 'melt' into this great melting pot.

Robert Shore's whole point is not to leave people out but rather to save taxpayer's money on having to print more documents in Spanish, and Polish, and German, Hebrew or anything else.  Predictably, it wasn't warmly received.

But is he right?