Some day, someone is going to have the good sense to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana – if anything to do away with having convictions on one’s record.

Not to mention the costs associated with having to prosecute those crimes.

It’s probably laughable when you come across a story like the one below, where you think, “…gee, isn’t there any real crime that the police can be going after instead of this one?”

In this case, as stated above, the cops made 3 arrests, and while I’d imagine this “crime” will be disposed of in relatively short order, do you even think that the cops should have spent any time arresting this trio?

In a perfect world, this would have been seen as innocent as smoking a cigarette – and we all know the dangers of smoking – particularly at a young age.
However, under this governor, crimes such as this will continue to be crimes; as long as the federal government deems pot to be an illegal substance.

So, what will happen is that kids will continue to be arrested for this "crime!"

Complete waste of time on the part of the cops.

But then again, they’re just doing their jobs.