Jim has been discussing the lawsuit filed by a New Brunswick man claiming that the average fan cannot afford tickets to the Super Bowl. But is it about being fair or about consumer interest dictating the price?

Snowbank outside MetLife Stadium on Saturday night (Twitter)

Josh Finkleman's lawsuit claims that the NFL made only 1 percent of Super Bowl seats available to the general public at face value through a national lottery system, which makes it a direct violation of the New Jersey’s Consumer Fraud Act.

Jim likened Finkleman's lawsuit to Jim's interest in cars. Jim loves the Lamborghini but can't afford it. So should Jim go out and sue the car maker in an effort to force Lamborghini to make an affordable model so he can then buy one?

It's not like Super Bowl tickets are a necessity like gas, water, milk, etc. If consumer's decide they want to pay thousands of dollars for tickets, then what's wrong with that?

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