You may remember the plight of “Patrick the Pit Bull”. The dog that was found in a plastic bag in the garbage chute of a Newark high rise.

According to a previous report at back in November,
the owner of the dog, Kisha Curtis of Albany, NY was indicted on a charge of animal cruelty.

Now she’s seeking PTI, saying that all she did was abandon the dog in the hallway of the high rise…not starve it, bag it and throw it down the chute.

According to this recent report:

Kisha Curtis says she couldn’t handle owning a pit bull puppy, so days after getting the dog she tied it to the stairwell door of her Newark high-rise and left it in the hallway on the 19th floor.

On Monday she said, "What I did was place him in my hallway, but I’ve never brung any danger to him. You know, I didn’t starve him or anything like that."

Curtis, who has rejected a plea offer from the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office of 18 months in prison, said Patrick "was still healthy and had meat on him" when she thought a Garden Spires building security guard had taken it away.

She is applying for a pretrial intervention program, which would eventually wipe the criminal charge from her record.

Curtis, who was in the middle of moving to Albany couldn’t take the dog on the bus rides back and forth and said she left the dog in the hallway for the guard, Mark Ortman, who monitored each floor in the public housing development daily.

Here’s the kicker:

She said: "If I knew that would be abandonment, I would have done the correct procedure as far as calling SPCA or some type of animal people or patrol," she said.

Is ignorance of the law a reason to be able to get PTI?

The report continues,
Ortman called Curtis "a stone liar.

"Even if I wanted the dog, I couldn’t take control of it like that," he said. While Curtis said she owned Patrick for just two days and hadn’t even named it, Ortman claims she’d left the dog in the hallway twice before in a three-week span because it had bitten her. "I waited until she brought the dog back inside both times," he said. "I’m convinced she starved and harmed and depraved the dog and threw the dog down the chute."

Somehow, I’m not buying the “all I did was leave the dog in the hallway” bull crap! She had to have known that just leaving the dog would have been harmful to it.

And if she meant for the guard to take the dog, wouldn’t she have told him?