There’s a new priest coming to St Lawrence Roman Catholic Church in Weehawken and Saints Peter and Paul Church in Hoboken and he goes against the grain of the Catholic church.

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The Reverend Warren Hall who is openly gay and claims to have been fired from Seton Hall over a pro LBGT facebook post, starts his new posts Aug 15.

For someone like myself who was raised Catholic and attended catholic school at both the grammar school level, at Holy Rosary Academy in Union City and high school, at St. Joseph’s Boys High School in West New York, this hiring brings up many questions. There are 3.5 million Catholics in New Jersey who are probably wondering the same thing as I am.

First off, doesn’t the Catholic Church oppose homosexuality? According to American, the Catholic Church opposes gay marriage and the social acceptance of homosexuality and same-sex relationships, but teaches that homosexual persons deserve respect, justice and pastoral care. The Vatican and Pope John Paul II are speaking out against the growing number of places that recognize same-sex marriages. Now if that’s their policy, then how can they allow a gay priest? Secondly, if they are going to allow gay priests, then why not allow gay weddings as well?

Thirdly, I was under the impression that priests, contrary to what we read about, aren’t supposed to be having sex or getting married. If that is the case, then what difference does the sexual orientation of the priest make?

If the Catholic church is going to allow gay priests, then why not lift the ban on heterosexual priests being celibate and allowing them to get married? You would probably draw more priests and they’d probably be relatable to more people. But that decision should probably come from up high.

Pope Francis says God doesn’t judge. Then how does he explain "Judgement Day.”

Do you think the Catholic church should start allowing gay marriage ceremonies?