No, they absolutely shouldn't. But this ridiculous idea has now been passed by both the Senate and Assembly and has landed on Governor Christie's desk. I trust he'll be smart enough to veto it.

This is having it both ways. A strike is supposed to be that you believe in your cause so much that you're willing to accept the risk of walking off the job. Some unions have strike funds. Others don't. For those who don't, this is an attempt at an automatic strike fund paid for in part by the very companies they are refusing to work for. A company doing business in New Jersey has to pay state UI tax and this is an abuse of the system. Period.

So let's get this straight. If one worker walks off the job that's called quitting, and you don't get anything. If most walk off the job and call it a strike, they deserve a paycheck? No, they don't.

Under the legislation for any strike that does not stem from a company being in violation of a previously agreed to labor contract, there's a 30 day wait period before you can start collecting. Big deal. Workers simply want more money let's say, and the company doesn't feel it can or should pay more. They all walk off the job and in 30 days get paid to protest the very company that in part has contributed to their unemployment check? Wow. Welcome to the Land of the Greed and the Home of the Depraved. Christie, we beg you, veto this!

-Jeff Deminski

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