On January 18th, we will celebrate Martin Luther King Day by closing the schools and public offices. It's a great way to honor the civil rights leader. Yet on November 11th, Veterans' Day, we leave some schools open.

Without the veterans fighting for our freedom, Dr. King would have never been able to accomplish what he achieved.

Last year, John Conti, a Commander at the Hazlet Veterans of Foreign Wars post, called it a “disgrace that schools are open on a sacred holiday.” In March, he lead a protest at a Hazlet School Board meeting and got the Hazlet schools closed.

My 9 year old sons, Albert and Lennon, have had off for teachers conventions, religious holidays, and in services, but not the one day that they should remember as they day our Veterans fought for their freedom. Is this right?

Would they or any other children use the day to celebrate a Veteran or attend one of the many parades and ceremonies? That’s up to their parents. Either way, at least they would know that the Veterans were important enough to be celebrated with a day off.

What say you? Should schools be closed on Veterans' Day?