Bullying happens, but should parents get the final blame?  

(Photo credit: mandygodbehear, ThinkStock)

lawsuit filed by the Flemington-Raritan and Hunterdon Central Regional School Districts attempted to make parents indirectly liable for bullying, and thus responsible for any financial compensation awarded to the alleged victim of abuse.

While the motion was stricken down, it raises an interesting question about how much parents can do to stop bullying.

I think often parents don't do anything to stop the issue because they're unaware that their kids are bullies. That said, school staff members should address the parents first to try to resolve the problem.

Jimmy, a caller from Asbury, said he took matters into his own hands by addressing the parents of a girl bullying his daughter with down syndrome. It turned out well for him, and the "merciless" teasing stopped.

So should schools be allowed to sue families of alleged bullies, or should we  leave the law out of it? Let us know in the comments section below.